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3D printing service is only available in Ireland

In general all parts will be printed with a 200 micron layer height and 20% infill, which results in a nice sturdy medium to high resolution print at a cheaper cost due to less time printing and less material used. Some parts will need to be printed at a higher resolution and/or infill depending on their purpose(or lower resolution if the part does not need a very fine finish). I’ll let you know what’s best when you submit the file(or you tell me what you want).

It’s best to be realistic in what you want printed. Have a look at the samples page to see what can be printed well. If in doubt, upload the model and request a quote and I’ll let you know how best to proceed(the auto quote always gives a slightly higher cost than I will actually charge, it’s just how it works).

Minimum order is €15(not inc shipping).


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Material Volume: cm3
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  • ColorFabb Sky Blue PLA
  • ColorFabb Ultra Marine Blue PLA
  • ColorFabb BRONZEFILL
  • ColorFabb Traffic Red PLA
  • ColorFabb Mint Turquoise PLA
  • ColorFabb Standard White PLA
  • Formfutura ABSpro - White
  • ColorFabb Shining Silver PLA
  • ColorFabb Standard Black PLA
  • ColorFabb Intense Green PLA
  • Ultimaker Red ABS
  • Ultimaker Black ABS
  • Formfutura HDglass - See Through Green
  • Formfutura HDglass - See Through Blue
  • ColorFabb Fluorescent Pink PLA
  • Ultimaker 2 Extended +
  • Ultimaker 2 +
  • Original Prusa i3 MK2
  • Ultimaker 2 Go
  • Wanhao Duplicator I3 V2.1
  • Fabrikator Mini v1.5
  • FlashForge Creator Pro
  • Zortrax M200
  • Makergear M2
  • LulzBot TAZ 5
  • UP Mini
  • Ultimaker Original